Periodically, various APIs in Ember.js may be deprecated. During a minor release, for instance when upgrading from version 1.9 to 1.10, you may see new deprecations fire in your codebase. Until a major revision such as 2.0 lands, code firing such deprecations for public API is still supported. After the next major revision lands, the supporting public API code may be removed. Private API may be removed at any time without warning in patch or minor releases, regardless of whether it has a deprecation warning. This style of change management is commonly referred to as Semantic Versioning.

You can use newer versions of the CLI with older Ember apps. It's a good idea to resolve deprecations as they arise so that when a major version is available, it's easier to upgrade your app. For some significant changes, codemods may be available, so check out Release Blog Posts before you dive in.

If you want to contribute to the text on this website, by editing existing deprecation documenation or adding new documentation, please see the deprecations app repository.