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Deprecation Guide for bind-attr

Ember 1.11 introduced new syntax for using dynamic content in attributes.

In 1.10 your only option was to use the bind-attr helper:

<div {{bind-attr title=post.popup}}></div>

Ember 1.11 made it possible to intuitively represent dynamic content in attributes as you would expect:

<div title="{{post.popup}}"></div>

This makes it possible to express a number of concepts directly in the template that previously were awkward to represent and required computer properties, and could even require itemController.

Dasherized boolean values

Ember 1.11's attribute binding syntax no longer supports dasherizing for boolean values. For example:

export default Ember.Component.extend({
  isActiveUser: true
<div {{bind-attr class="isActiveUser"}}>

Should be replaced with:

<div class="{{if isActiveUser 'is-active-user'}}">

Legacy bind-attr

Ember 1.13 deprecated bind-attr in favor of the new syntax.

To aid in the migration, you can use the legacy-bind-attr plugin to restore this behavior in Ember 2.0 and silence the deprecation warning.