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Deprecation Guide for Run loop and computed dot access

until: 4.0.0
id: deprecated-run-loop-and-computed-dot-access

Using . to access computed or run loop functions has been deprecated, such as computed.filter. Instead, import the value directly from the module:

import { filter } from '@ember/object/computed';

Here is the complete list of deprecated functions from computed:

computed.alias, computed.and, computed.bool, computed.collect, computed.deprecatingAlias, computed.empty, computed.equal, computed.filterBy, computed.filter, computed.gte, computed.gt, computed.intersect, computed.lte, computed.lt, computed.mapBy, computed.map, computed.match, computed.max, computed.min, computed.none, computed.notEmpty, computed.not, computed.oneWay, computed.or, computed.readOnly, computed.setDiff, computed.sort, computed.sum, computed.union, computed.uniqBy, computed.uniq.

And here is the complete list of deprecated functions from run:

run.backburner, run.begin, run.bind, run.cancel, run.debounce, run.end, run.hasScheduledTimers, run.join, run.later, run.next, run.once, run.schedule, run.scheduleOnce, run.throttle, run.cancelTimers.