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Deprecation Guide for Ember.Application#registry / Ember.ApplicationInstance#registry

until: 3.0.0
id: ember-application-registry-ember-applicationinstance-registry

When the container and registry were split, the registry was added to Ember.Application instances (provided to initializers as the first argument in 2.1) and Ember.ApplicationInstance instances (provided to instance initializers as the first argument). Unfortunately, this was done without making it clear that the .registry property on Ember.Application instances was private. This lead quite a few addons and applications to directly use the registry.

During the 2.1 cycle a new feature (ember-registry-container-reform) was enabled to provide more public API's to access the registry functionality (without exposing all of the private internals).

The following list can be used to migrate from app.registry.* usage to the new public API's:

  • app.registry.resolve -> app.resolveRegistration
  • app.registry.register -> app.register
  • app.registry.unregister -> app.unregister
  • app.registry.has -> app.hasRegistration
  • app.registry.option -> app.registerOption
  • app.registry.options -> app.registerOptions
  • app.registry.getOptions -> app.registeredOptions
  • app.registry.optionsForType -> app.registerOptionsForType
  • app.registry.getOptionsForType -> app.registeredOptionsForType
  • app.registry.injection -> app.inject