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Deprecation Guide for Use console rather than Ember.Logger

until: 4.0.0
id: ember-console.deprecate-logger

Use of Ember.Logger is deprecated. You should replace any calls to Ember.Logger with calls to console.

In Edge and IE11, uses of console beyond calling its methods may require more subtle changes than simply substituting console wherever Logger appears. In these browsers, they will behave just as they do in other browsers when your development tools window is open. However, when run normally, calls to its methods must not be bound to anything other than the console object or you will receive an Invalid calling object exception. This is a known inconsistency with these browsers. (Edge issue #14495220.)

To avoid this, transform the following:

var print = Logger.log; // assigning method to variable


// assigning method bound to console to variable
var print = console.log.bind(console);

Also, transform any of the following:

Logger.info.apply(undefined, arguments); // or
Logger.info.apply(null, arguments); // or
Logger.info.apply(this, arguments); // or


console.info.apply(console, arguments);

Finally, because node versions before version 9 don't support console.debug, you may want to transform the following:



if (console.debug) {
} else {

Add-on Authors

If your add-on needs to support both Ember 2.x and Ember 3.x clients, you will need to test for the existence of console before calling its methods. If you do much logging, you may find it convenient to define your own wrapper. Writing the wrapper as a service will provide for dependency injection by tests and perhaps even clients.