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Deprecation Guide for Non Strict Types

until: 6.0
id: ember-data:deprecate-non-strict-types

Currently, EmberData expects that the type property associated with a resource follows several conventions.

  • The type property must be a non-empty string
  • The type property must be singular
  • The type property must be dasherized

We are deprecating support for types that do not match this pattern in order to unlock future improvements in which we can support type being any string of your choosing.

The goal is that in the future, you will be able to use any string so long as it matches what your configured cache, identifier generation, and schemas expect.

E.G. It will matter not that your string is in a specific format like singular, dasherized, etc. so long as everywhere you refer to the type you use the same string.

If using @ember-data/model, there will always be a restriction that the type must match the path on disk where the model is defined.

e.g. app/models/foo/bar-bem.js must have a type of foo/bar-bem