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Deprecation Guide for Non Explicit Relationships

until: 5.0
id: ember-data:non-explicit-relationships

Deprecates when polymorphic relationships are detected via inheritance or mixins and no polymorphic relationship configuration has been setup.

For further reading please review RFC#793 which introduced support for explicit relationship polymorphism without mixins or inheritance.

You may still use mixins and inheritance to setup your polymorphism; however, the class structure is no longer what drives the design. Instead polymorphism is "traits" based or "structural": so long as each model which can satisfy the polymorphic relationship defines the inverse in the same way they work.

Notably: inverse: null relationships can receive any type as a record with no additional configuration at all.

Example Polymorphic Relationship Configuration:

// polymorphic relationship
class Tag extends Model {
  @hasMany('taggable', { async: false, polymorphic: true, inverse: 'tags' })

// an inverse concrete relationship (e.g. satisfies "taggable")
class Post extends Model {
  @hasMany('tag', { async: false, inverse: 'tagged', as: 'taggable' }) tags;