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Deprecation Guide for Use ember-cli resolver rather than legacy globals resolver

until: 4.0.0
id: ember.globals-resolver

Over the past years we have transitioned to using Ember-CLI as the main way to compile Ember apps. The globals resolver is a holdover and primarily facilitates use of Ember without Ember-CLI.

If at all possible, it is highly recommended that you transition to using ember-cli to build your Ember applications. Most of the community already uses it and it provides many benefits including a rich addon ecosystem.

However, if you do have a custom build system, or are using Ember App Kit, you can adapt your current build tools and configuration instead of using ember-cli if you really need to.

Instead of extending from Ember.DefaultResolver or @ember/globals-resolver, extend from the ember-cli-resolver.

Then throughout your app, instead of compiling to:


transpile to named amd strict syntax with module name of


which looks like this after transpilation

// import bar from 'bar';
// export default foo(bar);
define("my-app/utils/foo", ["exports", "bar"], function (exports, bar) {
  "use strict";

  exports.__esModule = true;

  exports["default"] = foo(bar);

Also, instead of including your templates in index.html, precompile your templates using the precompiler that is included with the version of Ember.js you intend to use it with. This can be found in the ember-source package under dist/ember-template-compiler.js.

Additionally, instead of using the Ember.TEMPLATES array to lookup a template, you can import it in your code:

import layout from './template.js';

export default Ember.Component.extend({ layout });

Finally, instead of creating a global namespace

App.Utils = Ember.Namespace.create();

simply create a directory and when transpiling, include the directory name in your module name.

define('my-app/utils/...', /*...*/);

If you need additional help transitioning your globals build system, feel free to reach out to someone on the Ember Community Discord or the Discourse forum.