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Deprecation Guide for Ember.ReduceComputedProperty / Ember.ArrayComputedProperty

In addition to Ember.ReduceComputed and Ember.ArrayComputed you were able to add a property function call, making use of the ReduceComputedProperty and ArrayComputedProperty classes. This usage is also deprecated. For an example, consider a counter component that displays a total sum of values in an array. Using Ember.ReduceComputedProperty would show the following:

totalCount: Ember.reduceComputed({
  initialValue = 0;
  addedItem(totalValue, newValue) {
    return totalValue + newValue;
  removedItem(totalValue, newValue) {
    return totalValue - newValue;

Now that these APIs are deprecated, use the native JavaScript reduce along with the Ember.computed family of functions:

totalCount: Ember.computed('values.[]', function() {
  return this.get('values').reduce((previousValue, currentValue) => {
    return previousValue + currentValue;