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Deprecation Guide for Ember.Select

Using the Ember.Select global and its view helper form ({{view 'select'}}) is deprecated. Ember.Select in Ember 1.x is implemented in a legacy coding style that uses patterns such as observers and two-way data binding that can cause pathological performance problems and provide an experience that is not consistent with idiomatic Ember 2.0 development.

Legacy support of Ember.Select will be provided via the ember-legacy-views addon.

Ember 2.0 provides several new features that make it much more straightforward to implement <select> tag functionality via the data-down, actions-up paradigm in one's codebase. For example, to create a component that displays a prompt and a list of dropdown options, the following code could be used:

<select {{action 'change' on='change'}}>
  {{#each content key="@index" as |item|}}
    <option value="{{item}}" selected={{is-equal item selectedValue}}>
import Ember from "ember";

export default Ember.Component.extend({
  content: null,
  selectedValue: null,

  didInitAttrs(attrs) {
    var content = this.get('content');

    if (!content) {
      this.set('content', []);

  actions: {
    change() {
      const changeAction = this.get('action');
      const selectedEl = this.$('select')[0];
      const selectedIndex = selectedEl.selectedIndex;
      const content = this.get('content');
      const selectedValue = content[selectedIndex];

      this.set('selectedValue', selectedValue);
// is-equal helper is necessary to determine which option is currently selected.
import Ember from "ember";

export default Ember.Helper.helper(function([leftSide, rightSide]) {
  return leftSide === rightSide;

This component could be used in a template by supplying it an array of strings as content and an action to call when the user makes a selection as change:

The currently selected item: {{mySelectedItem}}.

{{! myItems is an array of strings: ['first', 'second', 'third',...] }}
{{! This uses the `action` and `mut` helpers to pass in an action that
    will update the (outer scope) `mySelectedItem` property with the user's
    selection. }}
{{my-select content=myItems action=(action (mut mySelectedItem))}}

A more complete example of a select component that mimics many features of the deprecated Ember.Select is available in this jsbin.

Here is an example jsbin showing usage of the select tag directly in a template without a component.

There are many Ember-CLI addons that provide select-like functionality. emberx-select in particular aims to provide a select component based on the native html select. Alternative select component implementations can be iterated upon in addons to identify best practices and perhaps moved into an official Ember 2.x implementation in the future.