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Deprecation Guide for Importing from @ember/string without @ember/string as a dependency

until: 5.0.0
id: ember-string.add-package

Importing from @ember/string without the @ember/string package as a dependency is deprecated.

The @ember/string package is being moved to an addon @ember/string.

To add the package to your project:

  ember install @ember/string

If you were importing htmlSafe or isHTMLSafe from @ember/string, please import them from @ember/template instead. See this deprecation guide for more information.

Note! As of May 19, 2023 there is a bug in the implementation of the @ember/string deprecation. Adding @ember/string to your project may not be enough to silence the deprecation. You may silence the deprecation by using ember-cli-deprecation-workflow.

To upgrade to ember-source v5.0, ensure that @ember/string has been added to your project, and even if you still see this deprecation warning on v4.x, imports from @ember/string will continue to work and no longer display a deprecation warning once on v5.x.