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Deprecation Guide for {{render helper

until: 3.0.0
id: ember-template-compiler.deprecate-render

Using the {{render helper is deprecated in favor of using components. Please refactor uses of this helper to components:

For example, if you had:

{{render 'my-sidebar'}}
<p>template stuff here</p>
export default Ember.Controller.extend({

You would refactor to a component like so:

<p>template stuff here</p>
export default Ember.Component.extend({

Note that the render helper has several unique behaviors that may require further refactoring work during migration to a component.

  • When using the render helper with no model argument, the controller instance is a singleton. For example the same controller instance is shared between {{render 'post'}}, any other helper usage of {{render 'post'}}, a route template named post, and dependency injections using Ember.inject.service('post').
  • When sendAction is called in a rendered controller, or when {{action is used in a render helper template, the bubbling target for those actions is the router and current active route. With components, those same actions would target only the component instance without bubbling.