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Deprecation Guide for Global lookup of views

Previous to Ember 1.8, views would commonly be fetched from the global scope:

{{view App.SomeView}}
{{each item in items itemViewClass=App.SomeView}}

Since Ember 1.8, views are more appropriately resolved on the application via strings:

{{view "some"}}
{{each item in items itemViewClass="some"}}

They may also be fetched via a binding:

{{view view.someViewViaTheCurrentView}}
{{each itemViewClass=someViewViaAControllerProperty}}

In general, it is recommended that your Ember application avoid accessing globals from a template.

New usage of Ember.Select

Most of Ember's provided views are already accessed via helpers. For example, the Ember.TextField view is used via the input helper.

The Ember.Select view has not been upgraded to have a helper. Instead, it was suggested that you call it via the global class name:

{{view Ember.Select content=manyItems}}

Since this lookup is now deprecated, the select view has been registered on an application as select. The new usage is:

{{view "select" content=manyItems}}

See the updated Ember.Select documentation and the built-in views guide for more details and examples.

Ember.js libraries and plugins

If the code triggering this deprecation is being fired from a library, that library may need to update its suggested usage.

One solution for such a library is to provide mixins instead of classes:

// usage is {{view "list"}}
var App.ListView = Ember.View.extend(ListView);

A more advanced solution is to use an initializer to register the plugin's views on the application:

// usage is {{view "list"}}
  name: 'list-view',
  initialize: function(container, application) {
    container.register('view:list', ListView);

More details on how to register an Ember.js framework component are available in the initializer API documentation and the dependency injection guide.