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Deprecation Guide for Non-Standard Ways of Calling Ember.set and Ember.get

Ember is deprecating calls to get and set made in non-standard ways. Below are examples of the calls that are now deprecated:

// referencing properties with globals
Ember.set(null, 'App.foo', bar);
Ember.set('App.foo', bar);
Ember.get(null, 'App.foo');

// referencing properties with 'this'
Ember.set(obj, 'this.foo', bar);
Ember.get(obj, 'this.foo');

// providing a null context
Ember.set(null, 'foo', bar);
Ember.get(null, 'foo');

// providing a non-string property
Ember.set(obj, 42, bar);
Ember.get(obj, 42);