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Deprecation Guide for View and Controller options on the {{each}} helper

The options itemView, itemViewClass, tagName, emptyView, emptyViewClass and itemController on the {{each}} helper have been deprecated.

These options were added when controllers were more prominent, and the component story was less fully fleshed out. In Ember 1.13+, using these options triggers a less performant compatibility mode.

The usage of all the above mentioned options should be replaced with components.

An example

{{each view.comments itemController="comment"

Can be replaced with:

  {{#each comments as |comment|}}
    {{post-comment comment=comment}}

Breaking the example down

The comment controller and commentView view have been refactored into the {{post-comment}} component.

The noCommentsView has been refactored in to the {{no-comments}} component.

Instead of the itemController="comment" and itemView="commentView" we use the newly created {{post-comment}} component.

Instead of the emptyView="noCommentsView" we use the {{no-comments}} component.

We replaced tagName="ul" part by just surrounding the {{each}} block with <ul> tags.